Christmas is almost upon us, which means that New Years is waiting patiently in the back to surprise us with a million and one promises of 2021. Many of us will have goals we’ll be planning to set out come January 1st, with the most common of them being to kickstart a more intense and rewarding fitness journey – though sadly a lot of these don’t last too long. The key to smashing your fitness goals next year is to start your journey off in the right way, and there are many things you can do to achieve this. Here,...

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Providing quality, communicating with our customers & keeping it real

After our recent post touching on these topics we wanted to elaborate slightly. Our first goal has always been to provide the highest quality sportswear because if we were a customer the first thing we would expect is great quality. This is why our releases are few and far between, we test everything before we release it to make sure the quality is as high as our standards. This process takes time to get right but it’s worth it.   Secondly, we aim to communicate to our customers and supporters better then any other brand out there. The days have...

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How setting mini goals can help you achieve your dreams.

Setting Weekly Goals   Setting weekly goals can keep you on track to reaching your dreams. It’s a long road working towards your goals as nothing comes overnight. However setting weekly goals can help you keep that positive mind set and keep you heading in the right direction.   This weeks goals for us are as follows; Continue to grow the awareness of our brand Update our website Finalise the design for our next product   Continue to grow the awareness of our brand   As social media plays such a huge part of growing our brand we break this...

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Growing your awareness on social media before Bodypower 2019

Now Bodypower 2018 is over we look at what people can do to grow the awareness on social media before next years event. Here’s 5 things we will follow in the next year, maybe these can help you too.   5 things to grow your awareness on social media before Bodypower 2019   Stay true to what you believe in Your social media posts to be helpful to others Interact with your followers Consistent social media posts Give off positivity   Muscle Fit Team 

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The obesity rate is only getting higher and what we want to do to help

Obesity is becoming a bigger problem every year and we can't see enough companies trying to help. Currently the amount of hospital beds taken up by people with type 2 diabetes is 1 in 6 and within the next 30 years that could reach 1 in 2. There are several adverts out there advising the type of treats you should give to your children. However the support for adults already affected by this issue is hard to come by.   What about the population who are currently already obese but want to change their lives and become healthier? We don't see...

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