How setting mini goals can help you achieve your dreams.

Setting Weekly Goals


Setting weekly goals can keep you on track to reaching your dreams. It’s a long road working towards your goals as nothing comes overnight. However setting weekly goals can help you keep that positive mind set and keep you heading in the right direction.


This weeks goals for us are as follows;

  • Continue to grow the awareness of our brand
  • Update our website
  • Finalise the design for our next product


Continue to grow the awareness of our brand


As social media plays such a huge part of growing our brand we break this goal down to posting over 100 pieces of content across all of our pages but each piece of content has to offer as much value as possible to you all.


Update our website


This goal is almost complete for the week. With our recent photoshoot being a huge success we wanted to update the imagery we have on our website. Keep it as appealing as possible to all of our visitors.


Finalise the design for our next product


The next product to be released is our Women’s MF Performance Shorts. Every product we release has been tested and checked to make sure it matches the high standard of premium material we pride ourselves on. We can confirm we have finalised the material and now we wait for the products to arrive ready for the launch in June.


I hope this helps you all some way to stay on track with your own goals and as always any questions feel free to email us at or find us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - @musclefitnation


Many Thanks



Muscle Fit Team

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