Christmas is almost upon us, which means that New Years is waiting patiently in the back to surprise us with a million and one promises of 2021. Many of us will have goals we’ll be planning to set out come January 1st, with the most common of them being to kickstart a more intense and rewarding fitness journey – though sadly a lot of these don’t last too long. The key to smashing your fitness goals next year is to start your journey off in the right way, and there are many things you can do to achieve this.

Here, we share some tips on starting your New Year’s fitness journey off in the perfect way:

  • Incorporate every day – This doesn’t mean an intense, hour-long CrossFit session each evening. What it means is getting into the habit of incorporating some sort of fitness into your everyday life so that you’re always in the mindset of being active. This can be something as simple as an in-depth stretching session.


  • Grab the right gear – Gym gear is not only purpose-built for working out, with material and design to be suit and active life, it’s also a great tool for motivating you. At Muscle Fit Nation, we create high-quality fitness apparel that encourages confidence.


  • Create a schedule – Fitness journeys require a lot of dedication and concentration, especially when it comes to consistently committing to workouts. Creating a schedule – whether it’s your own or via a mobile app – will ensure you have a well-laid out plan that will greatly benefit you if you stick to it.


  • Grab a buddy – Motivating yourself can be the hardest part of a fitness journey, so committing to a long-term goal with someone else is great for keeping each other in check. Fitness buddies not only provide motivation but also support, with physical and mental wellbeing a responsibility for each participant.

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