Providing quality, communicating with our customers & keeping it real

After our recent post touching on these topics we wanted to elaborate slightly. Our first goal has always been to provide the highest quality sportswear because if we were a customer the first thing we would expect is great quality. This is why our releases are few and far between, we test everything before we release it to make sure the quality is as high as our standards. This process takes time to get right but it’s worth it.


Secondly, we aim to communicate to our customers and supporters better then any other brand out there. The days have gone where brands hideaway and just provide products, it’s moving towards being fully transparent and showing people what happens behinds the scenes. This is why we have started releasing short videos on IGTV to keep people in the loop of what we are doing and the process behind everything we do.


Finally, we keep it real and we ALWAYS will. We look at comments on other brands posts and ads to see what they like and don’t like. The awareness of brands using photo shop to enhance an image as broadening and from what we can see people don’t want to see it anymore. Now, there is a difference between editing a photo to make it sharper and enhancing someone’s figure but this is something we refuse to do. For this reason, our journey is taking a different route but its one we are proud to be on.


Thank you for your continued support, we couldn’t do it without you.

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