The obesity rate is only getting higher and what we want to do to help

Obesity is becoming a bigger problem every year and we can't see enough companies trying to help. Currently the amount of hospital beds taken up by people with type 2 diabetes is 1 in 6 and within the next 30 years that could reach 1 in 2. There are several adverts out there advising the type of treats you should give to your children. However the support for adults already affected by this issue is hard to come by.


What about the population who are currently already obese but want to change their lives and become healthier? We don't see much help for those. So we believe this is where can make a difference. 


We are setting up a campaign called 'Health Kick'. So who will Health Kick benefit?

Health Kick will be a campaign for anyone who is looking to become healthier. These individuals will get the guidance they are looking for. Whether you need to lose weight for health reasons, trim up, generally become healthier or even put weight on for health reasons.

What will Health Kick consist of and how much will it cost?

Not everyone has time or are comfortable going to a class to be weighed. Now there is nothing wrong with those classes they do amazing jobs but its not for everyone. So Health Kick is all online. You will be able to email or direct message us with any questions regarding what to eat, train, drink and general fitness inquiries. We want to support you on your journey and we will do all we can to help you reach your goal! Best of all it's totally FREE! 


So how do you sign up to Health Kick?

Simply email us at and we will respond with a few questions such as whats your goals? What time frame do you want to reach your goal? etc. Then from there we can start the journey to a healthier population.

Don't forget. Be unstoppable!


Muscle Fit Team

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