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Nathan Pridden Coaching

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What I can do for you
I want to help create the best version of you possible.
To do this, I utilise advanced training methodology incorporating everything from strength, hypertrophy and weight loss specific training to transform your health, fitness and physique forever.
I am a fully qualified and accredited personal trainer as well as being a Taurus Health and Fitness sponsored athlete. With 5 years experience in the fitness industry. I have gained the knowledge and the experience to help YOU achieve your goals.
I have proven results, including helping a couple lose a total of 10 stone in just 6 months.
Will YOU be the next success story?
Fully personalised strength programming
Fully personalised cardio programming
Tailored nutritional guidance
24hr support
Weekly check in’s
Access to a members exclusive group chat
For more information please email me at:

Programme Only




4 weeks of strength programming (sent 2 weekly)


4 weeks of cardio programming (sent 2 weekly)


Tailored nutritional coaching


Private Session – Email for prices


Online & Private 1-2-1 – Email for prices